YouCan Pay,
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With YouCan Pay,
your life get easier

send money

Send money

You can easily send and receive money from other users with few clicks or by scanning a QR code


Charge your balance the way you want

You have the possibility to charge your account balance either by a credit card or via CashPlus

get paid

Pay and Get Paid

Pay the services you want with YouCan Pay and receive the payment on your account too

request payment

Request Payment

You Can easily send a payment request to another user with the exact amount and a personalized message of your choice


fast integration

Fast and easy

multiple theme

Multiple themes


24/7 support


Track your earnings in one dashboard

With YouCan Pay
you can send and receive money your way

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  • money

    Cash payments

    We offer simple payment alternatives to allow for the "unbanked" users to make payments in their local currency just by sending and receiving funds in CASH through CashPlus agencies.

  • credit card

    Payments with national and international cards

    We have strategies in place that allow online businesses to accept transactions with all types of credit cards.

  • QR code

    Payments with QR code

    Accept payments through any method with QR code- based payment interface for simple, secure and fast transactions.

Pricing plans

  • No setup fees

  • No monthly fees

  • Pay and get paid as you go

Moroccan Cards
3.9% +2 MAD
per successful card transaction
International Cards
4.9% +2 MAD
per successful card transaction

We offer volume discounts for local brands, and sellers exceeding $50,000 in monthly sales.

A full-fledged platform
designed for developers

Using contemporary tools, you can quickly build production-ready integrations. YouCan Pay enables you to spend less time on system maintenance and more time on the product and the customer experience.

            <script src=""></script>
              <div id="error-container"></div>
              <div id="payment-container"></div>
              <button id="pay">Pay</button>
              <script type="text/javascript">
              const ycPay = new YCPay('pub_key', {
                  formContainer: '#payment-container',

              // render the form

              // start the payment on button click
              document.getElementById('pay').addEventListener('click', function() {
                  // execute the payment

              function successCallback(response) {
                //your code here

              function errorCallback(response) {
                //your code here
  • Easy Implementation
  • Full-Form Integration
  • Custom Integration
Integrations with:
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • prestashop
  • Joomla