YouCan Pay is a payment platform initially developed to solve the payment gateway issue for e-merchants. After that it became the best payment solution for everyone

As an e-merchant, you must necessarily offer your customers different payment solutions to ensure a better conversion.

YouCan Pay is a simple way to accept timely payments online. You can use a Moroccan or international credit card to transfer money from a customer's bank account to yours.

Available currently in Morocco, and very soon for everyone around the world.
YouCan Pay was designed for platform users to offer them an alternative solution to other online payment methods that are not accessible to a large portion of our users and their customers, but it went on to become an E-wallet and a payment gateway that anyone can use simply by registering on the platform without requiring any document.

Today, as a seller, you have the option to adapt the right payment method to your customers' preferences, ensuring that you never miss a sale.
As an individual, caring about a secure, fast and simple payment solution,you can use YouCan Pay as an E-wallet.

Double your profits, secure your payment, save time, and avoid fake orders in your shop.