Moroccan Cards
3.9% +2 MAD
per successful card transaction
International Cards
4.9% +2 MAD
per successful card transaction

We offer volume discounts for local brands, and sellers exceeding $50,000 in monthly sales.

Ranges and caps

Intended only for national sellers to ensure better prevention of fraud, the cap on earnings generated via YouCan Pay cannot exceed 5,000 MAD per day or 35,000 MAD per week.

This implies that once you reach 5,000 MAD in sales per day with YouCan Pay, you will not be allowed to make any further sales that day using the same payment method.

Nevertheless, you always have the option to upgrade your plan to another that best suits your needs. Simply contact YouCan Pay support to upgrade to a higher tier, as explained below:

Revenue cap/day in MAD
5 000
10 000
20 000
50 000
100 000
Please send us a request with all the details for a better case study.
100 000

As a seller, In addition to YouCan Pay, you can still use all the different payment methods available in your store.

The income limits mentioned above are for YouCan Pay only. That being said, you can still generate earnings through all other payment methods.

Frequency of payment

When you want to withdraw your payment from YouCan Pay, just click the "Withdraw" button to start the payout process whenever you want.

You can choose to receive your money either directly to your linked bank account or via CashPlus.

Withholding amount

YouCan Pay normally retains 30% of the volume collected by a seller and will use it for any fraud, chargeback, or refund process.

The amount retained in one week is returned to the seller after 30 days.

NB: It should be noted that the minimum amount accepted in a single transaction is $1.

Any item having a value of less than 1$ cannot be paid with a credit card by a costumer.

Email address for Technical Support:
[email protected]