You are a seller wondering how does YouCan pay works?

  • The balance get collected from the transactions made with the use of the service.
  • For security reason and to avoid Fraudulent actions and to keep the good work, we hold 30% of a week amount and it get released after 30 days.
  • To withdraw your balance,you will need to verify your identity and as a withdrawal solution you have 2 options:
    • Withdraw it with CashPlus, and go to the nearest agency and get your money(instanly)
    • Withdraw it with your bank account, in this case as any other bank transfer it may takes up to 48hours to appears in your account (depens on your bank policy)

Wondering how you can use the transfers/deposit/bank accounts features in your YouCan Pay accounts?

  • The transfers Tab is to make transfer with other user of YouCan Pay platform, easily add their phone number/email address of their accounts, add the amount and transfer.It's easy, safe and instantly!
  • The deposit tab is to add balance to your account so you can use it in your transfer and daily basis transactions.
  • The bank accounts is to list your bank accounts to use them in the withdrawal process.

As an external platform user or a developer, you can integrate YouCan Pay service following the restrictions listed in: YouCan Pay Documentation